Residence permit and citizenship in Turkey

When buying real estate in Turkey, you have the right to apply for a residence permit. Also, the basis for obtaining a residence permit is opening a business.

A residence permit is issued at the local police station, in the department for work with foreigners. Required documents:

  1. the recipient's application, which is submitted in person.
  2. application form in Russian, Turkish or English, filled in two copies.
  3. photocopy of the passport with the page of the date of the last entry into the country
  4. 4 color photographs of 3.5x4.5 cm.
  5. a receipt for payment of the state fee for a residence permit (for a six-month residence permit the amount will be 306 lira).
  6. payment for the residence permit booklet (90 liras).

The time period for issuing a residence permit is 3 to 12 days. Submission of documents for a residence permit and obtaining it is made only with the personal presence of the applicant. This means that you need to be in Turkey at all times.

In addition to the owner of the facility, members of his family also receive a residence permit: spouse, children under 18. Parents, brothers, sisters and children over 18 years old can obtain a residence permit, provided that the owner has Turkish citizenship

After obtaining a residence permit, it is necessary, no later than 3 months, to submit to the local security office a copy of the certificate of ownership - Tapu, or a certificate from the Cadastral Office, which indicates that the property has been purchased, and currently the documents are being processed. Otherwise, the residence permit will be canceled. When Tapu is received, the residence permit is extended first for 1 year, then for 2 years. A work permit is issued separately.

A residence permit gives foreign citizens the following advantages: the ability to stay in the country for an unlimited amount of time; the right to enter and leave the country an unlimited number of times; equal rights with Turkish citizens, excluding suffrage and the right to work.

Obtaining citizenship in Turkey

After 5 years of residence in the country, with a residence permit, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. It should be remembered that this does not take into account the time that you spent outside Turkey during the specified period. In addition to the application, it is necessary to provide the data of all the passports of the applicant and the civil passports of his parents, translated into Turkish and certified by a notary; a copy of the document on obtaining a residence permit, which expires at least six months later; if the applicant is married and has minor children, a document that confirms the marital statusis needed, as well as documents for the children, translated into Turkish and certified by a notary; a document confirming knowledge of the Turkish language; health certificate; income statement certified by a notary; 2 photos.

When you marry a Turkish citizen, citizenship can be obtained after 3 years. Within a month from the date of registration of marriage, a corresponding application is required.

When obtaining Turkish citizenship, Russian citizenship is retained.