Sightseeing tour

A real estate tour or a viewing tour is a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure! And even more.

Congratulations! Even if you don’t make the decision to purchase - you are already a winner!

After all, the Sightseeing Tour is Three in One!

Rest is time!

Imagine what is it like to rest or walking for the first time in the place that may become your second home. The sensation ofgetting acquainted with the peculiar local cuisine, enjoy the beauty and wonderful views, get to know people. This is a great opportunity for you to feel how comfortable are here and decide whether it makes sense to come back here again and again.

Saving is the second advantage!

In the case you choose and buying real estate, your travel expenses, accommodation and recreation will be reimbursed in full or in part, depending on the timing and region of the trip.

In addition to money, you save a lot of time - our staff will help you plan your trip in the best possible way.They will help solve all the issues with meeting, booking and placing you in a hotel or apartment. Nothing will distract you from relaxation and acquaintance with the region and available real estate options. Believe me, you will be surrounded by both attention and care.

The right choice is the third advantage!

And this is the most important thing. Not only you will have a great rest and save money, but you will also be able to see with your own eyes all the selected options, as well as, get acquainted with the best and most relevant offers on the real estate market. The time spent will allow you to collect information about the region, about the city, about the entire infrastructure and all issues related to recreation and living in the chosen place and make the right choice! At the same time, we guarantee our clients complete information on any questions. Our priority is long-term cooperation and maintaining a high reputation of our company. Most of the new clients come to us on the recommendation of our clients who have already bought properties. Grateful customers are our main aim, so we will do our best so that you can make the right choice and the purchase will bring joy to you for many years!

Real estate tour in Turkey includes

Reservation of arrival and departure dates. Round-trip transfer, meeting you at the airport and hotel accommodation. We guarantee you accommodation in a comfortable hotel with a cozy atmosphere.

Introductory meeting: Our agent will pick you up at the hotel at a predetermined time and take you to the office. When you meet with us in person, you specify all your wishes and desires. We will provide you with information on all the formalities, procedure for buying a property, and tell you about our services during and after the completion of the property acquisition process.

Traveling around the country: to travel around the country and inspect objects, you will be provided with a personal manager with a comfortable car. He will pick you up at the hotel and take you back. Your personal agent will be there at every step of the orientation tour.

After viewing the selected apartments, you can ask your questions at the office. If at this stage you have already chosen the property of your dreams, we will move forward to the purchase procedure. However, if you prefer to view other properties, we will show you other options. In the event of a sale and purchase agreement, Red Feniks fully or partially compensates the client for the flight, accommodation, and transfer.

Please leave your contact details so that our coordinating manager could contact you and draw up an individual plan for a trip to the country and view the best real estate options!

Waiting for you!

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