Investment income

Renting is always an important aspect of the real estate business. Especially if we are talking about a tourist country. Many people cannot afford to buy a vacation property or are not sure if they need it and therefore prefer to rent. There are two rental markets - short term rentals and long term rentals. As a rule, the same property cannot be offered for a short or long term. Why? Because even the equipment of a property for recreation or for long-term living is different. Location requirements are different as well. Some apartments are suitable and bring more income if they are rented out for the season for short-term rent (for example, opposite the beaches), and some for long-term rentals (for example, in city centers and business districts). It must be remembered that the cost per month for the long term and the cost per month for the short term are also very different. For example, an apartment for a long term (from a year) costs 300 euros per month, and an apartment of the same quality and area for a short period costs 300 euros per week!

Rent a villa in Turkey

Villa rental in Turkey has always been and remains a popular request of holidaymakers. Turkey is rich in villa rental offers in all popular resort cities.

In Antalya and Alanya, villas offered are detached, with a private pool, garden, barbecue.And villas in complexes with a huge territory, swimming pools for every taste and age, with a rich infrastructure for a good rest.

Villa rentals in Turkey have a pronounced seasonality. This factor must be taken into account when planning investment in the rental business in this segment.

Apartments for rent

Apartments for rent in Turkey are more popular and stable.

However, do not forget that the resort cities of Turkey are replete with excellent hotels that operate on the "All Inclusive" system, where the highest service, excellent food and entertainment have always been a distinctive feature of Turkish hospitality.

Long term apartment rentals in Turkey

If we talk about long-term rental of apartments in Turkey, then it is popular mainly in the economy and middle price segment. Apartments are rented mainly for work or leisure without frills.

The most popular city with a high demand for long-term rental apartments in Turkey is Istanbul.

Rent prices should be requested from our specialists, who, after taking into account all your wishes and the rental period, will be able to choose the best options for you.

As for investors in this business, it should be noted that in Turkey there is a tax on rental income, which is 15%. The minimum tax-free income in Turkey is 3800 lira. If your income exceeds this amount, you must pay 15% of the difference. True, here too Turkey creates very comfortable conditions for investors, offering a number of benefits and discounts in the rental business.

In Turkey, there is also a tourist, daily rental, as in a hotel. Owners of such real estate must pay 18% tax and provide receipts of arrival.